The Chicken Wings Combo

Price: 399,000 VNĐ

Chicken wings are popular all over the world. They are cooked with a variety of flavours and often serve as a small dish on the go.

The wings of a chicken contain the most tender and delicious meat. Chefs worldwide prepare them to their own recipe. At Guru Sports Bar we recognize that every country has their own special way of preparing and presenting chicken wings.

The Chef at Guru Sports Bar has created the Chicken Wings Combo: 5 chicken wings, each with its own unique flavor, representing five regions of the world.

Creations presently available are Korean style chicken wings prepared with sesame oil, Thai chicken wings with a sweet and sour flavor or Vietnamese chicken wings dried with sweet fish sauces…Many more creations are scheduled. These will be announced on an ongoing basis.

Only at Guru Sports Bar in Saigon:  let us surprise you with our exotic flavoured chicken wings!  You will not be disappointed.

*All priced are subject to 5% serve charge and 10% VAT