Hot Top Iron Rib Eyes

Price: 599,000 VND

The greatest attraction to our menu is probably our steak dish, our waiter’s are trained to prepare the steak directly at your table.

Hot top iron rib eye is not only steak. This dish requires you to enjoy with all senses: the smell and the sound from a meat burned under our hot iron. It should wet your appetite because it is prepared in a distinctive way. The steak is gently prepared with our specially designed iron. Our World class chef is a specialist in combining the newest techniques of high class cooking, especially when it comes to cooking beef. It is a pleasure and spectacle for our guests to witness preparation and presentation of our rib eye steaks.

Our rib eye beef will be seasoned in spices and dressed with our special olive oil. After that, the high quality meat will be cooked in the perfect temperature with the exact amount of time. Your order will be served at your table perfectly cooked on the hot top with all the juicy flavors being carefully preserved for a culinary pleasure and unique experience.

When it comes to making Rib Eye -we excel- drop by and try one!

*All prices are subject to a 10% VAT and 5% serve charge