We’re Brothers

Guru Sports Bar, welcomes customers from all walks of life, even the most humble of men connect with more powerful business minded men, to represent the quintessential spirit of being a sport’s fan.

Our sports bar thrives on merry male camaraderie; at Guru we have three things that embody the spirit of men: Sportmanship, the bond of brothers and raising a glass in celebration of enjoying fun times together whilst watching our team perform on our Full HD screens.

Sportsmanship represents our passion to things that glorify strength. It’s showed in the greatest goal on the green field, in the body that an athlete has spent his whole life forging, in the competitive spirit of his contenders. Maybe, many men love sport so much because that spirit has been born with them, long ago since they were children running in the playground at school, or park playing with friends.

Friends and brothers, together we have stories that couldn’t be told in a matter of days and weeks. Those who share that history with us are the ones we can call family. A great meeting up of friends needs to be complimented with fine food and great beer.

In our Sports Bar strangers can become friends, enjoy watching a great game on TV, or network with like minded men or women.

We offer a good range of food, superb and succulent dishes as well as a wide range of great beers, including craft beers. Why not drop in and see for yourself!